Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roper Victim Assistance Academy Graduates Two from Sheriff’s Office

Upper Marlboro, MD… Upper Marlboro, MD… Two members of the Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Intervention Division (DVID) – Barbara Harvard and Mary Moore - graduated from the Roper Victim Assistance Academy of Maryland (RVAAM) on Friday, June 8, 2012.  

The Academy, in partnership with the University of Baltimore, the Governor’s Office on Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office for Victims of Crime, is a “…40-hour, academically-based education and training program that covers a broad array of topics in victimology, victims’ rights and services, and victim advocacy throughout the criminal and juvenile processes.”

“This week of training was an investment in me and the level of knowledge and professionalism I can bring as an advocate in the victim service field,” said Barbara Harvard, who has been with the Sheriff’s Office DVID since 2006 and was awarded the Governor’s Victim Assistance Award in May of 2011. “I have additional knowledge about national, state and local resources and new skills for networking across the state on behalf of victims. I benefited personally and professionally, and all that I’ve learned will benefit the Office of the Sheriff and the community at large.”

Mary Moore has also been with DVID since 2006; her current role is with the section that handles Peace and Protective Orders. Moore enters final Protective Orders and works with parties in a dispute to arrange “Stand-bys” which allows parties to arrange to retrieve property with the assistance of a Deputy. “Working with the public is an important role. The Roper Academy was a good learning opportunity but also a chance to network with others in my industry. What I learned at Roper I can use every day,” said Moore.

The Roper Academy is named for Stephanie Roper, a 1982 victim of rape and murder in Maryland. Roberta Roper – Stephanie’s mother and chairperson of the Academy is a well known advocate for victims and continues to work tirelessly to provide resources to victims through various foundations and through the RVAAM.

Sheriff High said, “The Roper Academy continues my commitment to professional development among all our staff, utilizing appropriate training resources inside and outside of our agency. Industry “best practices” are available through continuing educational opportunities like conferences and workshops, and the Roper Academy is a valuable complement to those and our in house training.  During a fearful and emotional time for victims, the knowledge and experience of our advocates is critical to helping victims navigate the various processes that will serve them and their families safely and best.”

Friday’s graduation is the 9th Annual Roper Academy Graduation.  The Academy immerses attendees in the coursework, requiring them to stay in a dorm-like setting throughout the course so that they can maximize interaction with victim-service providers from all areas of advocacy.

Domestic Violence Intervention in the Sheriff’s Office is a three pronged approach: Pre-intervention is the service of Protective and Peace Orders, On-sight intervention is Sheriff’s Deputies responding to emergency 911 Domestic Violence calls for service in Police District III, and Post-Intervention involves advocate outreach to victims within 24 hours of a Domestic Violence incident to help the victim access a variety of services and resources.  

For more information on the RVAAM visit www.rvaam.org/RVAAM/Welcome.html

For more information, contact the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff’s Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-8637.

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