Thursday, July 25, 2013

Violent Offender Warrant Sweep Includes 19 Detainers

Upper Marlboro, MD…  The Warrant/Fugitive Division, boosted the number of warrants it served as it continued the Violent Offender Warrant Sweep (VOWS) that began the weekend of July 13-14, made possible with a grant from the Governor’s Office on Crime Control and Prevention. 

The first weekend which included additional law enforcement personnel from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies began with outstanding results with 85 arrests to close 104 warrants.  In last weekend’s operation, another seven arrests to close fifteen warrants brought the operations totals to 92 arrests to close 129 warrants.

The Warrant Division has also filed 19 Detainers since the operation began.  A Detainer is filed for crimes for which a suspect may be extradited from another jurisdiction where that jurisdiction has the suspect of the warrant in custody. The Detainer asks the other jurisdiction to “detain” the suspect pending extradition by the Sheriff’s Office.  A Detainer also indicates that the suspect’s case has not been adjudicated before the courts in Prince George’s County.  

Of the 19 detainers, the most serious include a Violation of Probation for First Degree Murder, Attempted Murder, Child Abuse, Armed Robbery, and First Degree Assault. The seven additional warrants closed included 2 Assaults, 3 Thefts, a Robbery, and 1 for Sex Offense.

For more information contact the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff’s Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-2773.


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