Thursday, May 8, 2014

Candlelight Memorial Service Remembers Fallen Officers

Upper Marlboro, MD…As the sun set on the County Administration Building, Prince George’s County Sheriff Melvin C. High, Sheriff’s Office Command staff and Sheriff’s Deputies, joined public safety partners from throughout Prince George’s County and the Metropolitan Area for the Annual Candlelight Memorial Service to pay tribute to law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty in Prince George's County.  The Service marks the beginning of National Police Week that honors and remembers fallen officers nationwide during the week of May 12-16.  

Among those honored were two Prince George's County Sheriff’s Deputies Sergeant James V. Arnaud and Deputy First Class Elizabeth L. Magruder both of whom were killed while attempting to serve an emergency psychiatric order on August 29, 2002.  Each was survived by spouses and children, in addition to friends and colleagues within the Office of the Sheriff.

Fifty-one candles were lit by law-enforcement partners honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The candles memorialized the sacrifice of the first officer who died in the line of duty – County Police Officer Edward Merson who died in September of 1937 through the last – County Police Officer Adrian Morris who dies in October of 2012. 

“Services like these and every service where we honor and remember our fallen are our way of keeping our promise to the survivors of our Heroes that we will not forget,” said Sheriff Melvin C. High

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the hallway of the County Administration Building echoed to the haunting sound of “Taps” played by Office of the Sheriff retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kiker. 

For more information contact the Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-7354.


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