Monday, July 7, 2014

Phone Scam Fraud Alert Citizens Targeted in Fraudulent Phone Calls

Upper Marlboro, MDSheriff Melvin C. High said the Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to the public and urging citizens associations and other community groups to notify their members about a telephone scam that is targeting Prince George’s County residents.

“We are aware of at least two such calls targeting senior citizens,” said Sheriff High. “Getting information out to club members, relatives, friends and neighbors is our best defense against such criminals.” Sheriff High said the most recent phone scam is the same as a scam in Arlington County, Virginia that was reported by the Virginia Sheriff’s Association earlier this year.

According to the Sheriff, the caller accuses the victim of failing to appear for jury duty, that judgments had been filed against them. The caller told the resident that they would be arrested unless the fines were paid immediately using moneypak to pay fines totaling $3,000.

The Sheriff’s Office posted an alert on June 27th warning citizens of a caller claiming to be from the IRS who said he was making the call for Melvin C. High. “We notified citizens that the Sheriff is not the law enforcement arm of the IRS and does not collect money on its behalf. We urge residents never to provide an address or personal information, and to call Public Safety Communications at 301-352-1200 to report any such activity.  

For more information contact the Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-7354.


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