Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The City of Greenbelt Lights Up For “Purple Light Nights®”

(“Domestic Violence is everybody’s business” – Greenbelt City Council)
Upper Marlboro, MD… The City of Greenbelt, a municipal partner in the “Purple Light Nights®” community campaign to raise awareness and a unified voice against domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, sent photos of three locations bathed in purple light.  The city lit the Greenbelt Police Station, the city municipal building, and the Springhill Lake Recreation Center.  
Of their participation in the campaign, the Greenbelt City Council issued the following statement: “Domestic Violence is everybody’s business.” As municipal partner with “Purple Light Nights®”, the City invited citizens to “…join in supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Purple by illuminating a purple light bulb on your front porch in October. Greenbelt is an inclusive community that believes everyone should be safe in their home and neighborhood.”

“The partnership we share with the City of Greenbelt is reflected in the City Council’s statement,” said Sheriff High. “The Council knows what all of public safety knows – that awareness is a tool of prevention.” The Office of the Sheriff launched “Purple Light Nights” in Maryland in 2014, connecting Prince George’s County and the state with a list of cities and counties in over 30 states, and in Canada and 18 villages in Guam. The Purple Light Nights name and logo are approved Federal trademarks of the Covington Domestic Violence Task Force.

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