Thursday, December 24, 2015

Three Suspects Arrested for First Degree Assault #PGSO

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Emanuel Graham-Bey of Gaithersburg, MD, Angela Goldring of Waldorf, MD, and Craig Curtis of Brandywine, MD on warrants for First Degree Assault that were obtained by the County Police on December 8th, 2015.  
According to the warrants, on November 14th, the victim went to meet Goldring, a known acquaintance of several years, in the 13000 block of Tower Road in Clinton, MD. Goldring arrived with another suspect who was later identified as Curtis. The victim stated that Curtis came over to his vehicle and asked for a cigarette, when giving him one the victim noticed that another man was approaching his vehicle on the driver’s side. The man later identified as Graham-Bey, opened the driver door and demanded that the victim give him money, when he refused Graham-Bey began to choke him. Craig reached into the vehicle and attempted to take the keys but the victim quickly placed the car in drive and pulled off. Graham-Bey then jumped into the back of the car and continued to choke the victim causing him to lose control and crash. Once the vehicle stopped, Craig entered vehicle and began to punch the victim in the face. Curtis then stole the victim’s money and all three suspects fled the scene together.
Upon receiving the warrants, Deputies located and placed all three suspects into custody without incident and transported them to the Prince George's County Department of Corrections (DOC) in Upper Marlboro, Md for processing.

 Graham-Bey, Goldring, and Curtis were charged with First Degree Assault, Robbery, Assault Second Degree, Theft Less than $1,000, and Conspiracy to Robbery.

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