Friday, May 6, 2016

#PGSO Sheriff Appreciates Citizens’ Caution on Sheriff’s Association Solicitation

Upper Marlboro, MD…Prince George’s County Sheriff Melvin High issued the following statement after his office received several phone calls from residents checking the validity of a solicitation letter they received from the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association (MSA) requesting support for the Association’s activities.

Regarding the solicitation, the Sheriff said the following:

“This is a win-win for my agency because citizens are skeptical and wary of scams. Checking the validity of the solicitation is smart and it’s what we advised citizens to do when the county was plagued by scam callers claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office and demanding that citizens put money on a prepaid card to resolve an open warrant or some other legal matter.

With the help of the media and through our agency electronic and personal outreach, we warned citizens about the methods scam callers used and urged them not to give out personal information or give callers money. This situation is evidence that our outreach was successful and gives me confidence that citizens are less vulnerable to scams.

The Association's letter didn’t come from my office and we never request private donations to fund the performance of our public duties, but I’m delighted to have my office answer a few calls from cautious citizens.”

The Prince George’s Sheriff is a member of the Maryland Sheriff’s Association and provided the following information about the Association:

The Maryland Sheriffs’ Association is a private, non-profit professional association that provides support and services to sheriffs’ offices across the State of Maryland. It offers training to deputy sheriffs, monitors important legislative proposals and provides support services to numerous governmental boards and commissions. It does not receive any funding from the State; it depends on member dues and private donations. Support for the MSA is completely voluntary.

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