Monday, December 19, 2016

The Snowball Effect of a Random Act of Kindness

During regular duty hours on Thursday, December 8th Sgt. Mewshaw and Cpl. Materka stopped at a 7-11 in Suitland, MD. As they were walking in the store they met a man, who we will refer to as “Tim”, who shared with them that he liked most of the deputies he came in contact with. After talking with Tim for a while, they learned that he was homeless; he said it had been harder to sleep the night before because the weather was getting colder. Sgt. Mewshaw went to his cruiser and brought out an extra coat he had in the backseat. When he was giving it to Tim he noticed that Cpl. Materka had gone inside the store; when he came out he had bought the man a cup of coffee, a blanket and lunch.

As you can imagine, Tim was pretty happy and very appreciative. And, just when you think a story can’t get any better – it does! Citizens started to stop the deputies to thank them for their kindness. One gentleman yelled, “God Bless the Sheriffs!” The next thing Mewshaw and Materka know two other men went to their cars – one brought out gloves, the other a hat and gave them to the man. Others in the parking lot rolled down their window on their way out just to say thanks.

Needless to say, Sgt. Mewshaw and Cpl. Materka made Tim’s day, but the snowball effect of kindness brightened the day for everyone in the parking lot that day. And, it got Sgt. Mewshaw thinking about a coat drive to help others like Tim. “My hope is that the “pay it forward” feeling will catch on in more places, more often as it did that morning,” says Sgt. Mewshaw.

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