Monday, April 3, 2017

“April is Child Abuse Prevention Month”- A Message From The Sheriff

“Upper Marlboro…As members of law enforcement, we are always focused on prevention – of crime and disorder, and of hurt and harm. Unfortunately, too often, we find ourselves responding when hurt and harm have already occurred. As citizens, we are never pleased to hear that a family member, friend, or neighbor has been a victim of crime, but we are especially alarmed to find that hurt or harm have been done to a child. According to Certified School Psychologist Leshia Dennis, “Children have the same basic need to feel safe that we all do. Those basics for children are to be loved, held in high esteem and have a sense of belonging.”

One of our partners in prevention and one of the county’s most experienced resources for child victims of abuse and domestic violence who may need assistance, support and counseling is The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center (DVSAC) at Dimensions Health Care. They can be reached at 301-618-3154.

At the Sheriff’s Office, we believe our investment in young people, through our growing Explorer’s Post #1696, our Positive D.A.Y. - Deputies Assisting Youth – middle school mentoring program partnership with the Prince George’s County Schools in 11 schools, and through the Melvin C. High Scholarship Fund go to the core of prevention. Our programs are designed to encourage young people’s aspirations and to nurture their instincts about personal safety, making good choices, and recognizing people they can trust.

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, we’ve chosen to celebrate the joy and promise of children. We hope you’ll join us.

For more information contact the Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-7354.

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