Thursday, December 28, 2017

Warrant/Fugitive Division Felony Arrest Report

Upper Marlboro, MD…The Sheriff’s Office Warrant/Fugitive Division reported the following felony arrests:

First Degree Assault Suspect Arrested

Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Maxwell Patton Jr. of Hyattsville, MD on an arrest warrant for First Degree Assault obtained by the Cheverly Police Department on December 14th, 2017.

According to the warrant, on December 12th, police responded to the 3500 block of Belleview Avenue in Hyattsville, MD. Once on scene the victim stated that Patton forced entry into the residence and began to argue. Patton then allegedly physically assaulted the victim before fleeing the residence.   

Upon receipt of the warrant, Sheriff’s Deputies investigation determined that Patton could be located in the 3500 block of Belleview Avenue. Deputies went to the location and informed Patton that there was a warrant for his arrest. Patton was taken into custody without incident and transported to Prince George’s County Department of Corrections.

Patton is also charged with Second Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment.

Theft Suspects Arrested

Sheriff Deputies arrested Kevin Vargas and Alexandru Grancea of Laurel MD on arrest warrants for Theft $1500 - $25,000 obtained by the Laurel Police Department on November 30th, 2017.

The warrant states that on October 24th, Police responded to a local retail store in Laurel MD to meet with their loss prevention department that had an employee (Vargas) in custody for alleged theft. 
According to the warrant both Vargas and Grancea were observed on video surveillance during each incident that Vargas let Grancea walk out of the store with unpaid merchandise totaling over $2,300.

The deputies investigation led them to an address in the 8300 block of Ashford Blvd. Road in Laurel, MD. Deputies arrived at that location and Vargas opened the door, was advised of the warrant for his arrest and taken into custody. Deputies then went to the 30 block of Avondale Street also in Laurel, MD where they met Grancea, informed him of the warrant for his arrest and placed him into custody. Both were transported to the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections without incident.

Both Vargas and Grancea are also charged with Theft Scheme $1,500 - $25,000.

For more information contact the Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-7354.