Friday, November 30, 2012

Members of SALT assist Sheriff’s Office in Vial of Life Program

Upper Marlboro, MD… Sheriff Melvin C. High and members of the Sheriff’s Office Community Partnership Section (CPS) joined seniors of the Senior Adults Living Triumphantly (SALT) ministry at the Greater Mount Nebo AME Church in Upper Marlboro on November 13th to compile Vial of Life kits and expand on the group’s bi-weekly seminar to discuss topics relating to seniors.

Members of SALT helped compile Sheriff’s Office “Vial of Life” kits to be dispersed through the CPS senior program. The kits, designed to alert emergency medical services (EMS) personnel of medical history in the wake of an emergency with seniors, contain a short form used to document current medical information, and a plastic baggie containing a decal widely identifiable by emergency medical personnel to be placed on refrigerators for EMS retrieval.

The Office of the Sheriff has partnered with the nationwide Vial of Life program since 2001. CPS provides classes to seniors regarding the importance and purpose of the Vial of life program.

 “We have provided the decals to individuals within the community for emergencies, this program is really useful and beneficial to a lot of people” said Jack Booz, of the Sheriff’s Office CPS. Booz encourages seniors to place a picture within the baggie for identification purposes.
For more information on SALT contact the Greater Mount Nebo AME Church at 301-249-7545.

For more information on the Vial of Life program contact the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff’s Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-8637.                                                                                                  ###

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