Monday, January 11, 2016

Media Advisory Scam Callers Impersonate Law Enforcement Officers/Demand Payment


Upper Marlboro, MD… The Sheriff’s Office today said it continues to receive notifications from citizens who receive calls from phone scammers who claim to be from the Sheriff’s Office. “We’re asking the media to help us notify the public again,” said Chief Assistant Darrin C. Palmer.

In the most recent calls, all received this week, scammers tell citizens that they have failed to appear for grand jury duty and that they have to pay a fine.  In another citizen-reported call the scammer claimed to be a Sgt. Jackson calling from 301-514-4308 who notified several citizens that they had to pay a fine to avoid further legal action.

According to the citizens who called the Sheriff’s Office and as reported in the past, scammers instructed citizens to go to 7 Eleven or other retail outlets and to buy a prepaid money card in the amount of $600.00 and $500.00, respectively.  

Chief Assistant Palmer said there was good news because all of the callers contacted the Sheriff’s Office before sending money to the scammers. “There are absolutely no circumstances under which the Sheriff or any other law enforcement agency would ask citizens to wire or send money on a prepaid card,” said Chief Assistant Sheriff Darrin C. Palmer.

With some scam calls reported in the past, the scam call can appear to be coming from a local number or a 1-800- number and may actually come from out of state or even out of the country. The last time the Sheriff notified citizens, the callers were impersonating Chief Assistant Sheriff Darrin Palmer. “We’ll keep repeating ourselves; these people are predators, and the calls are scams – pure and simple,” he said.
Residents should file a report and call the Prince George’s County Police at 301-772-4420.

For more information contact the

Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-7354.

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