Thursday, July 20, 2017

2 of PGSO’s Most Wanted Suspects Arrested

Warrant/Fugitive Division Felony Arrest Report

Upper Marlboro, MD…The Sheriff’s Office Warrant/Fugitive Division reported the following felony arrests:

2 of PGSO’s Most Wanted Suspects Arrested

Attempted First Degree Murder Suspect Arrested

Sean Young of Frederick, MD was arrested; he was wanted on an arrest warrant for Attempted First Degree Murder obtained by the County Police on November 24th, 2016.

According to the warrant, on November 24th, police responded to the 2300 block of Tuemmler Avenue in Hyattsville, MD for the report of a shooting. The police spoke with the victim and a witness who both said that Young was involved in a physical altercation with the victim and that he left the house saying that he would be back. Witnesses say Young returned, flashing a gun, and threatened to kill the victim who fled through the back door as Young fired multiple times at the victim without striking him.

Upon receipt of the warrant, Sheriff’s Deputies investigation determined that Young could be located at an address in Frederick, MD. Deputies coordinated with the Frederick City Police Department and went to the location. A male answered the door and was shown a photo of Young. The man denied knowing Young in spite of photos in the residence showing them together. When an officer noticed fresh insulation on the floor below the attic entrance, he gave verbal commands for anyone in the attic to come out. During the conversation, Young fell from the ceiling unto the floor. He was taken into custody without incident and booked by the Frederick City Police Department. He was transported by deputies, the next day, to the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections.

Young is also charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder, First Degree Assault, Firearm use in a Felonious Violent Crime, Assault Second Degree, Handgun on Person, and Home Invasion.

First Degree Assault Suspect Arrested

Nathaniel Hinton of Temple Hills, MD was arrested; he was wanted on an arrest warrant for First Degree Assault obtained by the County Police on June 29th, 2016.

The warrant states that on June 20, 2016, Hinton was at a residence in the 3300 block of Curtis Drive in Temple Hills, MD where he began vandalizing furniture with a baseball bat. According to the warrant, when the victim asked Hinton to leave, he struck her in the head multiple times with the bat before fleeing the scene. The victim was transported to the hospital where she received treatment for her injuries.

On July 9, 2017, a Colonial Beach Virginia Police Officer was called to a domestic disturbance in which Hinton was allegedly the victim. As a result of the Prince George’s County warrant, he was arrested and charged as a fugitive of the State of Maryland, and placed on a secured bond. The Commonwealth of Virginia Attorney had Hinton’s bond ammended so that he could leave the state and Hinton was given 72 hours to surrender himself to the Prince George’s County, MD Department of Corrections, which he did on July 14th, without incident.

Hinton is also charged with Second Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, and Malicious Destruction of Property.

For more information contact the Communications and Public Affairs Division at 301-780-7354.


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